Jon Kragel – “Hope” (Spoken Word)

Here is a clip from last week’s message, as Jon shared an original spoken word simply entitled, “Hope.”


A single word that can singlehandedly alter the course of someone’s day,

or even eternity

Serenity wrapped in the eager expectation of a better future, a better life, a better way

Displayed through a life persuaded that God has the power to do what He’s promised through the person of Jesus,

Hope personified, God glorified, truth clarified.

And yes, I said truth,

Because truth is someone to be known.

Though we are taught these days that everything is relative,

Christ absolutely sits on His throne

For how can someone claim that everything is relative,

When that very statement in its premise is not

Why are Christians being labeled as intolerant

when isn’t that label also a judgmental shot?

You see, true tolerance is the acceptance of all people,

not the validation of every idea under the sun

For while background does influence belief

Plurality doesn’t negate the reality of the truth in one.

While Christ’s claim to be the path to heaven is exclusive

The people who can receive His grace is as inclusive as it gets…

For all have sinned and fallen short of His glory

But the story goes on to say that all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved

Through His death, burial, and resurrection

Christ didn’t leave our eternal destiny in question

But through incarnation, He gave all that He had,

so that you could become all that you’re meant to be

You see, my friends, that’s hope

That’s the message we should be sharing

The Fruit of the Spirit lived out and bearing

A testimony that’s been tested in real situations

In which we may come out bruised, maybe broken,

but always daring

Still finding liberty at the apex of the gospel worth declaring

Because we’ve been freely given, so we can freely give

Because our Savior is fully risen, so we can truly live

So do the Church a favor

And don’t be a hypocrite that adds to the theological pollution

stop preaching on your soap box of problems

And start reaching your neighbors with the solution

With resolution,

Stand firm with the passion to redeem our fallen world

Renew, refresh, and

Restore your contexts of culture

Like a vulture, Satan attempts to prey on the weak

But through the prayer of repentance

Let the redeemed speak

Let us sing of the praises of the One who saves

Let us bring to the masses this message of grace

Faith and love should spring forth with igniting inspiration

we’re not called to win arguments,

But to seek transformation

Let us unswervingly hold to this hope we profess

Let our sins be forgiven, let God clean up this mess

I pray…

That when you walk out of this service today

Your head will be held high, and with confidence can say

I’ve surrender my life to the One who can save

Now living as free, I’m no longer a slave.

Trusting Christ with my choices I can face anything

Knowing that His love will endure

And that His hope changes everything

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