Two Powerful Stories

Every day is filled with potential opportunities for ministry. Read these two stories below, and prayerfully ask God what opportunities might be before you today.

Story #1 – Love Beyond Expectation

Upon arriving at the Love Kitchen, Josh Stepp and Ben Stream felt lead by the Holy Spirit to share Christ with this family at the bus stop across the street. While sharing the Gospel with them, they learn that this family was hitchhiking their way up to the reservation, where they were going to a memorial service for a loved one who was just tragically kill. On the verge of being homeless, Josh and Ben wanted to show Christ’s love to them in a practical way. Jose then took them to Safeway where together they bought a gift card to give to the family. But they took an even further step by going next door to Hallmark and picking up a small Mickey Mouse beanie baby. Apparently, the loved one who was just killed loved Mickey Mouse, and so when the boys returned back to the Love Kitchen, they gave the gift card and Mickey Mouse beanie baby to the family, followed by prayer. The family was moved to tears, and they reminded that even in tragedy, God loves them. So proud of our guys!

Story #2 – Power Of A Simple Invite

We’ve been talking a lot about the following the Holy Spirit on this trip, and Lauryn Putman did just that while attending church on Sunday. She reached out to a father named Michael and a little boy named Tommy. She invited them to the cookout and VBS and they came to both. While at the VBS, I had a chance to talk to the father while Tommy enjoyed that Bible lesson and games. Michael shared with me that he just went through a difficult divorce last year and he was so grateful that our group was having this VBS because his ex-wife was going to have Tommy next week, and she refuses to take him to church. So Tommy would not be able to attend the church’s VBS, which was also taking place next week. Because our group is up here this week, Tommy gets to go to VBS, and to top it off, his enthusiasm won the Bumble Bee award for the day. His dad video taped Tommy winning the award and was almost in tears how God provided a VBS for his child to go to while in his care! All this started because Lauryn took a risk and reached out to the people sitting next to her in church on Sunday! God is good. 🙂

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