Day One Ignite Mexico 2017

IMG_20170610_204636-1Ignite Mexico Trip 2017 has begun! By the grace of God, we had no problems getting here, more importantly, the coffee we brought was not confiscated so Mary Burnidge can rest at ease tonight. We are excited to start tomorrow with a bang as we lead a local church service, ministering to those in the neighborhood. We look forward to serving this week in any capacity we can, whether through worship, dramas, speaking, or service!

After getting off the plane tonight, we were able to settle in and hear an incredible story from a young girl who experienced tremendous pain after severely burning herself on a stove. While she recovered, unable to move in bed, she started reading through the book of Revelation and Matthew to understand the God she had heard so much about through Hilario’s ministry. She read about the awful fate that comes to those who do not surrender their life to Christ. She heard God tell her that the pain she is experincing is temporary and that God wanted to remove all the pain she had experienced in her life, if she would surrender to Him. She also soon realised the pain she was feeling now was nothing compared to eternity away from the presence of God. She gave her life to Christ and is now working to mend her relationship with her mom that left her and abused her. Please pray that God continues to work to mend the relationship and remove the pain both experienced! How incredible that our God can turn something so painful and negative into a life altering moment used to heal and restore.

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