Jefes Nuevos!

IMG_20170614_184201.jpgWe took a new step in leadership today as all the staff of the orphanage left us in charge while they went through several training sessions. While they were learning to save lives, we were just hoping to not lose any kids! The team worked relentlessly as we cooked for the kids, painted their office area, and cut ceiling tiles. The team deserved a much deserved trip to visit our favorite local missionary, Jose afterward.

Jose showed us around his neighborhood and gave us a picture of a “day in the life” now that he and his family have moved.

While one group painted, another group visited the women’s prison and ministered to the women. Several women here gather together for church service that we were able to he apart of today. How awesome it is to see the hope that God gives, even in difficult situations.

Pray for us tomorrow as we go to one of the poorest places in the Guadalajara area known as Cardboard City, as well as continue to minister to homeless through speaking and dramas.

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