The Finish Line

We did it! We have given our all, through sleep deprived eyes, sore feet, and hearts full from the incredible love and generosity of our hosts. Those we stayed with have been some of the most generous and giving people. Tonight to celebrate our last day, we celebrated Josh Stepp’s birthday in style. The whole facility got together for pizza, dancing, (with glow sticks none the less) a piñata, gallons of ice cream, and great memories. The work this week was exhausting, but so rewarding and seeing the two groups come together for one final celebration was a total blessing. As a leader, I appreciate this group so much for their leadership, flexibility, and willingness to leave all distractions behind and do the will of God.

Tonight we heard the testimony of a man that, before coming to Christ, abused his wife because he was abused as a child. Today he cares for all the boys in the orphanage because of the transforming grace of God. We learned that God not only has a heart for the least, last, and lost, but often uses those that the world would disqualify from helping others. His example was an excellent lesson for a young group of high schoolers. He taught them that God uses the unlikely and he does not disqualify people based on their past. The students have all challenged each other to be used by God when they return and I am so excited for the future fruits of this trip!

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