6 Keys to Inviting

You’ll never know the difference you can make with a simple invitation! These are the words we discussed last night in week two of our series, “The Church.” In Acts 2, we find the formula for inviting people into a relationship with Jesus Christ. First, Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit. While we might … More 6 Keys to Inviting

12 Ways To Invite

Are you willing to help someone take the next step in their faith journey? You see, inviting someone into a personal relationship with Jesus takes on many forms. What if someone has never heard about Jesus? What if someone has never met a Christian? What if someone is struggling with life’s tough questions? What is … More 12 Ways To Invite

What Is Church?

In week one of our series, “The Church,” we asked ourselves the question, What did God intend the Church to be? From Matthew 28:16-20 and Acts 1:6-11, we came up with this definition: The Church is a movement with a message on a mission for God’s majesty. I. Movement Church is a movement because it consists … More What Is Church?