6 Keys to Inviting

You’ll never know the difference you can make with a simple invitation! These are the words we discussed last night in week two of our series, “The Church.” In Acts 2, we find the formula for inviting people into a relationship with Jesus Christ. First, Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit. While we might … More 6 Keys to Inviting

12 Ways To Invite

Are you willing to help someone take the next step in their faith journey? You see, inviting someone into a personal relationship with Jesus takes on many forms. What if someone has never heard about Jesus? What if someone has never met a Christian? What if someone is struggling with life’s tough questions? What is … More 12 Ways To Invite

What Is Church?

In week one of our series, “The Church,” we asked ourselves the question, What did God intend the Church to be?¬†From Matthew 28:16-20 and Acts 1:6-11, we came up with this definition: The Church is a movement with a message on a mission for God’s majesty. I. Movement Church is a movement because it consists … More What Is Church?