3 Truths About Tolerance

Is it me, or does our culture seem to be growing in divisiveness? Whether in the news or on social media, we are seeing a rise in expressions of disagreements politically, socially, religiously, and personally. Ironically, many of these arguments are flying under the banner of “tolerance.” Maybe I’m mistaken, but isn’t calling someone “judgmental” also a … More 3 Truths About Tolerance

Homeless Ministry

We shared the Gospel dramas in the rain on the street next to a moving train in front of a group of homeless men and saw over 20 people pray to receive Christ. It was a powerful experience. Please watch and share with others. (Music is by Casting Crowns, “Set Me Free”) Check out the … More Homeless Ministry

Two Powerful Stories

Every day is filled with potential opportunities for ministry. Read these two stories below, and prayerfully ask God what opportunities might be before you today. Story #1 – Love Beyond Expectation Upon arriving at the Love Kitchen, Josh Stepp and Ben Stream felt lead by the Holy Spirit to share Christ with this family at … More Two Powerful Stories