5 Ways To Respond When Bad Things Happen

In light of recent tragedies, the most common question I’ve received these past few weeks is how do we respond when bad things happen? From the shooting in Las Vegas to multiple hurricanes to earthquakes to the loss of loved ones here in the community of Cave Creek, Arizona, people are hurting, struggling, stressed, and depressed. … More 5 Ways To Respond When Bad Things Happen

What’s Your Brand?

  This past week Apple revealed the specs for their new line of iPhones, iWatches, and other products which ship out later this fall. I’m not going to lie, I was geeked out excited for it. Apple has demonstrated time and time again their ability to challenge the status quo, innovate personal technology, and provide … More What’s Your Brand?

The Finish Line

We did it! We have given our all, through sleep deprived eyes, sore feet, and hearts full from the incredible love and generosity of our hosts. Those we stayed with have been some of the most generous and giving people. Tonight to celebrate our last day, we celebrated Josh Stepp’s birthday in style. The whole … More The Finish Line


We were reminded today of how graceful and merciful the God we serve is. We were able to visit both one of the poorest parts of the city, as well as a group of homeless men and women. Whether for the first time, or 16th time, it is an eye-opening experience to see a family … More “Wow”

Jefes Nuevos!

We took a new step in leadership today as all the staff of the orphanage left us in charge while they went through several training sessions. While they were learning to save lives, we were just hoping to not lose any kids! The team worked relentlessly as we cooked for the kids, painted their office … More Jefes Nuevos!

Life is Beautiful!

Today we celebrated the birthday of a very precious member of our group, Kay Ekstrom! We were reminded through her words that life is so good and precious. We also heard first hand accounts of some of the blessing and tragedies that a young family experienced. Through the highs and lows, the message that God … More Life is Beautiful!

The Church at Work

Wow! We kicked off our first full day with some incredible firsts for a few people! After giving our best efforts to beat some of the local guys from the foundation in soccer, we ran a church service in which most of our students either led worship, gave their testimony, or presented the message, many … More The Church at Work