God Is For Us

Conquer your insecurities with the promises of God.

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I was stuck. I was stuck in my routine, stuck in my thoughts, and stuck in my spiritual life. I had been a Christian for a long time and a pastor for ten years, but I was caught in the continuous hamster wheel of the mundane busyness and daily grind. When I read the Bible, I got excited; but when I walked through my to-do list, I was uninspired. I felt like a duck gliding on a pond because above water I looked peaceful and perfectly fine, but under the water my legs were kicking like crazy. I battled my negative inner voice on a regular basis. Fear, worry, doubt, and insecurity took turns running circles in my mind like a 400-meter relay team in a track meet. I often went to bed overwhelmed and exhausted with a to-do list unfinished.

One day, my little son Carter tried to pick up and carry my backpack, which contained my laptop, folders, and books. He kept tumbling over as the bag was clearly too big for him. Eventually, I went over to Carter, lifted the backpack with one hand, and said, “Son, you can’t carry this. It’s too heavy for you. But that’s okay because what’s too heavy for you isn’t too heavy for me.” I realized in that moment that I had been like my son, only my bag was filled with concerns, burdens, and stress. I needed God, who is my heavenly Father, to carry the bag for a while.

I started to read the Bible through the filter of God’s promises. I started to recognize the very power of God’s Word. Through the promises of God, the faithless become faithful, the hopeless become hopeful, the sinful become righteous, and the rejected become redeemed. Through the promises of God darkness becomes light, the lost become found, sorrow turns into joy, and the dead are made alive. Orphans are adopted as the sons and daughters of God, victims turn into victors, slaves into soldiers, the miserable into the majestic, and the hapless into the holy. Through the promises of God the troubled become the triumphant, the depressed become delighted, the pointless become purposeful, the apathetic become active, and the cowards become more than conquerors!

My purpose for writing is simple: to help people experience God’s promises. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, stuck, or spiritually plateaued, then this book is for you. I want as many people as possible to have access to it, so I have kept the price below a single cup of coffee. I want the proceeds of this resource to help people also. Please know that fifty percent of any profits made from this book will be poured directly back into the local church and local ministries.

My goal for this book is specific: I want you to be able to answer that same question I did through writing this book—God, since Your promises are true, what have You called me to do today?